Aromatherapy makes massage even more effective shows new research

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New research shows Aromatherapy makes Massage even more effective

The benefits of massage are well documented.   However, new research is now showing how Aromatherapy in combination with Massage has even more beneficial effects.

A recent study published in May 2014 investigated over 12,000 in-patient admissions in an American Specialist Hospital which had utilised Integrative Medicine (IM) services.  Average pain reductions were greater during combined massage and aromatherapy treatments compared to massage alone for both mild and moderate pre-intervention pain.  In addition average anxiety reduction was also greater when massage was combined with aromatherapy in both mild and moderate pre-intervention anxiety.

Massage combined with Aromatherapy provides greater a reduction in pain and anxiety that massage alone in hospitalised patients reporting mild to moderate pre intervention pain or anxiety.

Another study looked at the effects of massage combined with aromatherapy on blood pressure and sleep on middle aged women with hypertension compared with massage alone.

The intervention group received a massage with an essential oil and a body cream with essential oils to be applied everyday.  The placebo group received a massage using an artificial fragrance and body cream once a day.  This continued for 5 treatments over a period of four weeks.  The essential oils utilised were lavender (lavandula officinalis), marjoram (origanum majorana), ylang-ylang (cananga odorata), and neroli (citrus aurantium).  Lavender is thought to balance the nervous system and alleviates insomnia, whilst marjoram activates parasympathetic nervous system and relaxes the sympathetic nervous system. Ylang-ylang can help control cardiac palpitations and hypertension, and neroli oil is effective in insomnia and depression.   The aroma body cream was prepared by combining jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, evening primrose oil and wax.

The results demonstrate that massage combined with aromatherapy significantly decreased home systolic blood pressure after the treatments as well as significantly decreasing systolic and diastolic blood pressure immediately after treatments.  There was also a significant improvement in sleep quality leading the authors to conclude aromatherapy and massage may help improve patient quality of life and maintain health as a nursing intervention in daily life.



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Effectiveness of Therapeutic Massage in Conjunction with Aromatherapy for Pain and Anxiety Relief of Hospitalized Patients

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Effects of Aroma Massage on Home Blood Pressure, Ambulatory Blood Pressure, and Sleep Quality in Middle-Aged Women with Hypertension