Could aromatherapy help ease asthma

aromatherapy courses in LondonAt Richdales we’re always interested in the number of ways the therapies we teach can help humans. We’re intrigued to know the benefits of reflexology; we always want to know how massage therapy can help you run further. And as a leading provider of aromatherapy courses in London we want to know all about the benefits of that too.

In particular we are interested in how aromatherapy can help ease asthma.

World Asthma day

You may or may not know that it has very recently been World Asthma Day, on the 3rd of May. What exactly is this day about?

Every year the world of asthma clinicians will use the day to raise awareness and help improve asthma care around the world.

What exactly is asthma?

We want to take a quick look at how aromatherapy can help ease asthma but before that we should understand what it is and how it works.

Asthma is a chronic disease of the air passages that lead to and from the lungs. There is often inflammation of the lungs which can lead to a narrowing of the air passages and ultimately affect the breathing ability of the asthmatic.

Whilst symptoms vary from person to person this is the reason for the wheezy breath, the coughing, the chest pain and shortness of breath.

How aromatherapy can help

It is very important to note than some essential oils may actually trigger a reaction as some asthmatic sufferers are sensitive to a variety of fragrances. It is always important to seek advice off a professionally trained aromatherapist before using essential oils.

For many people who suffer from asthma however, there is no need to worry but more reason to celebrate.

There are two main ways you can use aromatherapy to help ease asthma; a chest rub or steam. You can either apply a rub directly to the chest to ease the symptoms around the lungs or loosen the lungs with steam. Whichever method you choose the antihistamine and decongestive properties of aromatherapy work very well with the symptoms of asthma.

Whilst it will never heal your problem it can certainly alleviate the irritation and suffering.

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