Boost Your Career with Aromatherapy!

Richdales_232Thinking of adding another string to your bow – another beneficial service to offer to your clients and another way to grow your career?

We recently caught up with Micha Christmann, one of our highly experienced aromatherapy tutors here at Richdales, to really understand why more and more massage therapists are gaining a qualification in aromatherapy massage.

And what she told us will certainly make you stop and think…

While all tutors are passionate about their subjects, Micha spoke to us with more than just enthusiasm about aromatherapy; her love for the popular treatment is supported with proof that it can significantly boost clientele.

“Once your client has been introduced to essential oils, they won’t go back to just a holistic massage”, Micha told us, “I don’t have anybody now who wants just a holistic massage.”

As Micha explained, aromatherapy is a natural extension of a massage. Massage mainly has a physical effect, primarily benefiting the musculoskeletal, circulatory and lymphatic systems.  Aromatherapy deals more with psychological effects. A combination of the two therapies results in clients benefiting from the physical effects of massage and the psychological gains of essential oils. In other words, the whole person is treated.

Speaking about the kinds of conditions aromatherapy massage can help, Micha told us; “People can be treated for things like stress and depression but also many of the essential oils contain additional properties that help to lower blood pressure, help with nausea, and improve flexibility and motion in the musculoskeletal system.”

With so many added benefits to offer to clients, it’s not surprising that qualified aromatherapists can expect to earn a lot more per client than massage therapists.

“With the [aromatherapy massage] qualification, you can automatically increase your prices by £10 – £15,” Micha told us.

But it’s not just higher paying clients that make a career in aromatherapy massage so potentially rewarding.  As a successful practitioner, Micha opened our eyes to some other exciting opportunities that can be born from gaining a qualification in aromatherapy massage. She explained that many aromatherapy students go on to create their own products such as eye gels, face creams, foot scrubs, roll on deodorants, soaps, hair conditioners and bath oils. These products can be tailor made for clients so that they can continue to improve in between treatments. Micha herself has successfully boosted her own business by selling made-to-order aromatherapy hampers!

There’s an incredibly wide market for aromatherapy treatment too! Micha told us; “[Our students are] not just qualified for the oils we have in the course, which are very much catered to the European taste. There is a whole range of oils that you can get in India and China and they are much more suited to different cultures. Once you have a qualification in aromatherapy, you are entitled to use any essential oil.”

The proof is in the experience; and Micha is a prime example of how gaining a qualification in aromatherapy massage can open up many exciting opportunities.

If you have been considering upgrading your skills to include Aromatherapy please be aware that the recent ITEC Policy Changes relating to Recognition of Prior Learning  may affect you. In summary, if you have qualified in Massage in the last 5 years you will only have to sit an ITEC Practical exam and will not have to sit an Anatomy & Physiology Theory exam.  If it is longer you may need to sit the A&P Exam again. You can read how the ITEC Policy changes may affect you here.

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