Aromatherapy Oils: Safety Tips

aromatherapy courses in LondonSafety awareness is our first priority for everyone who attends our aromatherapy courses in London.  Here are some of the major tips that you will learn more about when you attend the course.

Everyone using aromatherapy or essential oils should always:

  • Read all cautions and label warnings
  • Keep oils away from the eyes. If oil does comes into contact with the eye, flush it out using large quantities of warm water and seek  immediate medical advice.
  • Keep essential oils away from children. Because of how the oils smell, there is a risk of small children ingesting them.
  • Only ever use the suggested amount of oil. Misuse can lead to headaches and/or nausea.
  • Never consume essential oil. If ingestion accidentally occurs, rinse the mouth out with milk and seek immediate medical advice.

When used properly, essential oils can have enormous health-boosting benefits.

Improve health the safe way!




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