Just How Effective is Reflexology?

Reflexology treatment is based on the concept that certain areas of the feet are linked to organs and systems in the body. Therefore reflexologists believe that by applying pressure on those points, patients can find relief from physical and emotional discomfort. When evaluating the effectiveness of reflexology, it’s important to understand that the treatment cannot […]

And the winners of our Facebook competitions are …

Student Feedback Competition Our most recent Student Feedback competition winners are Sara Hutchinson who won herself a massage couch and Joe Napoleon who won a CPD course. We’d like to thank all the students who took the time to provide such great feedback of their experience. We’ve included all the entries below.     Anatomy […]

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Our weekday courses are off to a great start

Our Weekday Courses launched on 5th of October at our new venue in Alperton House. We are finding that students are choosing the Weekday courses to fit better around their work commitments and also to be able to keep their weekends free for family commitments. We have offering a number of different weekday courses at […]

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Why Reflexology is Becoming More and More Popular

Reflexology is growing increasingly popular across Europe as both a complement to other treatments and a holistic treatment in its own right. But why are more and more people seeking out this alternative therapy? And what exactly makes it so highly regarded? Firstly, let’s look at what reflexology is and the concepts around which it […]

Achieve Perfect Winter Relaxation with Aromatherapy

With cold, dark days, grey skies and a lack of vibrant greenery, the winter season can leave many people feeling downright down in the dumps. But aromatherapy can help to bring the sunshine back into life! Simple blends that use citrus oils can be extremely energising and uplifting during the winter season. Many people favour […]

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The Reflexology Map Explained.

Foot reflexology charts represent the location of reflex points on the feet. Applying pressure at these points can help heal physical and psychological ailments. With a little practice, you will be able to use a reflexology chart to identify how certain points on the feet correspond to specific areas of the body’s anatomy. Interested in […]

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