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From a massage course in London to a practicing therapist, we help you on your way

As a leading provider of massage courses in London we value our service highly and we value our students highly. We’re in the training industry to help people achieve their goals and amitons. That is why we try our best to help you be successful. Although there are plenty of students at Richdales who just […]

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Want easy access for massage training in London? We’re only a few minutes away from the Tube

There is no shame in it; everyone loves a bit of convenience. It is why we order takeaways more than we should; it’s why we drive to the local shops instead of walk. A bit of convenience is nice and as a leading massage trainer in London, we think we offer you convenience. Easy access […]

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4 essential oils for winter from leading provider aromatherapy courses in London

As a leading provider of aromatherapy courses in London we obviously appreciate the power of essential oils. With winter well and truly here we wanted to share with you 4 very good oils for the months ahead; 4 essential oils for winter Lavender The scent of lavender is perhaps one of the most popular. It […]

Why our baby massage course in London is extremely satisfying

Baby massage is a long standing tradition in a lot of cultures around the world. Some cultures will massage their babies from birth as part of their daily baby care routine. As a leading provider of massage courses in London we of course look into many different massage techniques and routines and baby massage is […]

Aromatherapy and Exercise, Is It a Match Made in Heaven or Non-Compatible?

Aromatherapy is useful for a lot of things. The use of essential oils from various different plants can do wonders for you if applied correctly. Aromatherapy can help with your mental well-being, it can help with anxiety, depression and insomnia but can it be used for your physical health? We ask the question is aromatherapy […]

Are organic essential oils less effective than non-organic oils?

Judging quality, how do you do it? Some people judge quality by looking at the overall package. They consider price, availability, ease of use etc. Other people judge quality on its effectiveness to do a job. Other people care about ethics and use that as a mark of quality. The point we’re trying to make […]

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