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Why the study of the human body and its functions are vital to becoming a good complementary therapist

Knowledge is power. At Richdales we clearly agree with that sentiment. As we are leading providers of massage, aromatherapy and reflexology courses in London you would hope so. We strongly believe that you should never stop learning, growing and improving. We believe that you can never have too much knowledge, and by learning as much […]

‘Try before you buy’ from busy provider of massage courses in London

‘Try before you buy’. It’s one of the world’s most famous offers and rightly so. Who doesn’t love the offer of trying out a product before committing to it. Sometimes you just need to get the right fit, other times you may not be sure how you enjoy a product or service and sometimes you […]

Leading provider of aromatherapy courses in London encourages the use of aromas to get over colds

We’ve all been there and some of us will be there now, miserable because we have a cold. It can be horrible, from the sneezing fits to the blocked sinuses. As the winter starts drawing in, more and more of us will start suffering from a cold and it won’t be pleasant. Some of us […]

Massage your way to fitness says leading provider of massage courses in London

Fitness and health, two things we should aim for. The human body is designed to move around, it is designed to have at least some form of fitness and we should always try to be as fit as possible. Being leading providers of massage courses in London we’re always concerned with fitness and it does […]

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