You should always add more strings to your bow. Sign up to our aromatherapy course in London and offer more

You should never stop learning; never stop seeking ways to improve. Naturally as a leading provider of aromatherapy courses in London we would say this, but it is true. None of our tutors are ever fully content with their knowledge and are always looking at new things to learn. Look at the top professional sports […]

Why you should learn how to treat people with neck pain, whiplash and headaches

At Richdales our main priority is training our students to a high standard so that when they go out into the industry they are able to help people. It is something that runs through all our courses and our high standards leads to very good graduates. What we also try and do on our massage […]

CPD Courses in London

What you will learn at our reflexology course in London

At Richdales our passion is good learning. We take great pride in forming good relationships with our students and helping them on their journey towards complementary therapy. We also understand that many students and potential students get anxious over certain things. One such thing is what the course is actually about. Being a leading provider […]

Rishi Loatey

Meet our tutors. For massage courses in London they know their stuff, are experienced and really friendly

We can all remember some of our teachers from school. They land a lasting impression on you and either through good or bad reasons memories of them stick around. We all have our favourite teachers and we all have our worst but what you take from it afterwards is the importance of teachers. It can […]

At our massage courses in London we value hard work, determination and high standards

Hard work, determination and high standards get you far. That is what we believe at Richdales and they are values we hope our students in our London massage courses bring with them. There is no reason why you can’t enjoy a successful new career in complementary therapy if you do things right. Hard work pays […]

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3 reasons why you should sign up for a massage course in London

At Richdales we provide a whole range of massage courses in London. We are very proud of them and believe in their ability to educate and develop high quality massage therapists. Since we all love a good list we thought we’d help you understand why when choosing a massage course provider in London, you should […]

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