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Why does learning about anatomy, physiology and pathology make you a better massage therapist?

Excellence, rarely achieved but worth it when it is. Being a leading provider of massage courses in London we at Richdales always strive for excellence. We may not always reach it but along the way we set extremely high standards and enjoy excellent results because of this. It is an approach that helps up be […]

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Meet our recent successful graduates and students at Richdales Institute

              We love it when our students succeed and we are able to help them realise their potential. We’re also sending special congratulations to some truly remarkable graduates. Congratulations to all our September Anatomy & Physiology students who passed their ITEC Examinations. Congratulations to all our September Massage students […]

The top 4 smells of summer and how to use them in aromatherapy

We are safely in the middle of summer and we love it. Being busy providers of massage courses in London we don’t necessarily get to enjoy all that summer brings because we are working hard at training our fantastic students but it doesn’t mean that summer doesn’t inspire. We at Richdales have been thinking about […]

How massage can get you through the summer season of sports, camping, festivals and gardening

Summer it seems is here. This surely means for most people a very busy couple of months. Whether you’re working in the service sector, whether you have a young family or whether you’re just an active person who loves the feeling of sun on your back, you’ll be busy. Our summers can be short here […]

The importance of continuing your learning

Development is important. From the moment we are born we’re constantly developing. Whether we are simply growing bigger, whether we are learning how to speak or whether we are forming our own personality we are always developing. This doesn’t just change when we get to adulthood, it doesn’t change once we have finished our full-time […]

Is there such a thing as over treating when it comes to massage?

Massage therapy is great. It is relaxing, enjoyable and of course therapeutic. Whether you have a massage session to unwind, to socialise with your friends or to enhance your athletic ability, there is little doubt it works. Being a provider of massage training in London we of course are big fans of massage therapy. We […]

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