Can the use of hot and cold massage stones prolong your career asks provider of massage courses in London?

If you’re a successful massage therapist you will know more than most the impact of giving regular massages has on your body. Even if you’re not a therapist you will be familiar with wear and tear and repetitive strain injury. As a leading provider of massage courses in London we are all too aware of […]

Massaging your baby is a great way to form strong and loving bonds claims provider of massage courses in London

New born babies are exciting. First and foremost they are exciting for the parents more than anyone else but there are plenty of other people who get happy about the whole experience. Grandparents, family and close friends and colleagues will be more than interested in the new little one coming into their lives. At Richdales, […]

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How a massage course in London can change your life

Some of the luckiest people in the world today are those who don’t ‘work’. We’re not on about unemployed people; we’re talking about those lucky people who get paid to do what they love. Those lucky people who look forward to their days in ‘work’, those people who come home feeling like they’ve been doing […]

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4 reasons why your reflexology course in London should be at Richdales institute

At Richdales institute we provide a whole array of courses, from massage and aromatherapy to healthy eating and nutritional advice. We provide professional development courses and we provide courses and diplomas that will qualify you as a professional therapist. We want to highlight our reflexology courses in London as a course you should consider and […]

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