As the summer approaches a top provider of massage courses in London looks at how sports massage can enhance your athletic performance

As the summer approaches more and more people will start venturing outdoors again. The cold, wet and windy rain will slowly become less and less common and will be replaced by warmer, sometimes even sunnier conditions. As a leading provider of massage courses in London we want to look at what opportunities this could bring […]

When does a massage change from pampering to therapy?

There are many things that are good for us. For example going for a run, eating healthily and getting plenty of rest make us feel better, both emotionally and physically.  Treating ourselves to a new coat or big juicy burger can also make us feel better.  There are many different ways to treat ourselves and […]

Leading provider of massage courses in London runs throughout the year

They say timing is everything. Timing is all the ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’, timing is the difference between being late or not, timing is quite often the difference between winning and losing. At Richdales we know that timing is important. Being a provider of massage courses in London we get to know our students and we […]

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Top provider of massage courses in London explains the benefit of supportive tutors and face-to-face learning

Richdales Institute has been running massage courses in London for over 20 years, the key to its success is of course, great education and training. There are many factors that contribute to the excellent training standards that we demand from ourselves and perhaps one of the most important is our supportive tutors and face-to-face learning. […]

More than just massage courses in London – Why giving nutritional advice can help you become a better well-being therapist

As a leading provider of massage courses in London we come across many students. We have students who are completely new to massage and students who are seasoned professionals looking to learn a new skill. We have students looking to learn a hobby and students looking to change their life. Whatever motivation a student has […]

Open up new client opportunities with a masterclass in neck pain, whiplash and headaches says quality provider of massage courses in London

A lot of people that come through our massage courses in London are seeking to become a professional therapist. They either want a change of career, a job they are happy in or the chance to be their own boss in an interesting field. These are all great reasons to take a course with us […]

More than just massage courses in London – Why a deeper understanding of the human body will make you a better massage therapist

Sometimes to become great at things requires a less than obvious path. For example you would expect great long distance runner to eat well and run many miles in training but perhaps what makes them great is an old job of theirs. Their old job might have given them their grounding in motivation and determination […]

Richdales Institute Realising Your Potential with professional complementary therapy training in London

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