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Top provider of massage courses in London stresses the importance of great tutors

There are many factors that affect education. Facilities, course content, and the enthusiasm of the students are all very important. There are all sorts of things that will determine a person’s learning and education and as a top provider of massage courses in London we know that more than most. Perhaps the single most important […]

A pregnancy massage course in London will allow you to help women at a very special time in their lives

A career in massage therapy is often a rewarding one. Working with people, developing new skills, working flexible hours and getting out and about are just a few of the reasons why being a massage therapist is brilliant. We offer a variety of massage courses run in London that can help you become a professionally […]

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Why a leading provider of massage courses in London uses ITEC

We take training seriously. As a leading provider of massage courses in London we expect the best. We expect hard work off our students, we expect to deliver high standard training but we also want the best qualifications. That is why we choose to use ITEC as our examination board. What is ITEC? ITEC or […]

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Taking a closer look at our training venues for London massage courses

We strongly believe that in order to provide a great education, you need excellent facilities. In order to provide top class massage courses in London you need top class educational equipment. That is what we strive for at Richdales Institute, and it is what we provide. Top class venues are important for massage courses in […]

How to add to your routine with a facial reflexology course at Richdales

Variety is the spice of life. This well known phrase rings true in most circumstances. You wouldn’t want to read the same book over and over again, you wouldn’t want to learn the same things time and time again and you wouldn’t want to eat and drink the same things all the time. As an […]

Leading provider of massage courses in London supports you even after you qualify

Taking the first step to a change of life or career can be daunting, it can be scary, but it is worth it. You wouldn’t even consider a change if you didn’t think so either. As a leading provider of massage courses in London we are here to help you take that step. We work […]

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Our ITEC Diploma in Reflexology course in London takes you from beginner to professional

Everyone likes convenience and we understand that at Richdales Institute. We understand that our students haven’t got the time nor have the resources to undertake lots of different courses; we also understand that many of our students have aspirations to become a professional complementary therapist. That is why our massage courses in London will take […]

Why do a CPD course in London at Richdales

No one is ever fully trained. There is always something more to learn. That is one of the simple reasons why we run CPD courses (otherwise known as Continuing Professional Development). We are certainly proud of our massage courses in London and they will educate you well but at Richdales we are committed to CPD […]

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