Month: October 2014

Congratulations to our students, escape from ground hog days story and Facebook competition winner…

Big congratulations go out to all our February 2014 ITEC Massage and Reflexology students who passed the ITEC exams with excellent results. In particular we must congratulate Izabella who achieved the highest exam mark of 98% and we wish her all the best with her Sports Massage exam in December.

We also want to congratulate all our April 2014 Massage and Aromatherapy students who passed their practical exams and are awaiting the results of their theory exams. We will be in touch with you as soon as your results are in.

In this edition:

  • No more Ground Hog Days
  • A Heavy bunch of books and certainty in my heart
  • Improve your skill set and patient experience

As always we are here to help you succeed in your career in Complementary Medicine and we always value your feedback in how we can serve you better.

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No More Ground Hog Days says Carrie-Anne Smith one of Richdales course tutors …

Carrie, felt like going into work was like Ground Hog Day as a Customer Services Manager for a Storage and Removals company. That was until she happened to be chatting with a work colleague who was pursuing his dream. Carrie explains “I was customer services manager for storage and removals. I just felt like going […]

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There are many benefits of a Thai Table Massage for your clients

There are a few different types of massage techniques out there, from Swedish massage to holistic massage to the specific sports massage. If you are looking for a massage course in London for one of these techniques, we cater for them all here at Richdales. The different techniques all carry different virtues and will be […]

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Thai Table Massage now being offered by a leading provider of massage courses in London

There are many different types of massage available and being a leading provider of massage courses in London, we teach a few of them. One type of massage that we want to talk about is Thai table massage. Thai table massage takes the very best techniques and knowledge of Thai massage (usually carried out on […]

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Anatomy & Physiology are fundamental to all therapies advises a leading provider of massage courses in London

To be an expert in some areas requires a very good understanding and foundation knowledge of the bigger picture. An expert bodywork mechanic will need to know how a car works, they will need to know the basics. An expert cake maker will need to understand the foundation rules of baking. An expert therapist needs […]

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‘Try us Out’ before choosing the right massage course in London for you

Trying new things can be exciting, interesting scary and just different. Whatever you are trying for the first time, whether it is a new dish, a new restaurant, a new car or perhaps even just a new brand of ketchup you will be entering the unknown. Some things you don’t mind risking, perhaps your bottle […]

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7 Questions to Ask a Complementary Training School Before Enrolling

Complementary therapy is a great thing to learn. It can open up new doors to a career in complementary therapy, it can give you new skills and confidence and you can share your knowledge with very grateful friends and family. If you want to learn all about complementary therapy you will probably need to find […]

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And the winner is…

We all like winning competitions and prizes and two of our lucky Facebook fans have done just that. We recently held a Facebook competition where we asked our students to list two things they took from their first day on a course with some excellent prizes up for grabs. There was a brilliant response and […]

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Top class massage course in London – Why we do what we do

At Richdales Institute we strongly believe in high standards. When it comes to massage courses in London there is a lot of competition, there is a lot of choice and it is hard to be noticed. Therefore we know we have to be the best we can be and at the heart of everything we […]

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Massage therapy’s place in an exercise programme

Exercise is great for you. Not only does it keep you fit and healthy but it also makes you feel great and will bring an element of routine into your life. There are many different types of exercise with many different techniques, programmes and styles. There are also many different aims and objectives for exercising […]

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