Month: September 2014

An amazing fact about Hot Stone massage – Learn more on our Hot & Cold Stone Massage course in London

Here at Richdales we love learning all there is to know about massage. If we don’t know everything we wouldn’t be in the best position to teach a massage course in London. As part of our work we discover interesting facts about massage, and as you will have guessed it we have one for hot […]

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How to choose the right massage course in London

Choosing the right massage course in London can be a tricky affair. You will obviously want the best deal for yourself and will have an idea of what you want. In London there is a great deal of choice and while this is obviously a good thing for the standard of quality it will make […]

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World reflexology week, past student story and the benefits of hot stone massage…

September is a busy month at Richdales as we prepare to take on new students on our ITEC Diploma courses starting at the end of the month. The start of the new term is an exciting time for us and students.

With World Reflexology Week running from 22 – 28th of September, we thought we would turn our attention to Reflexology in this edition. We hear from one of our past students, Joanne Glass, who is using Reflexology in a hospital environment to treat stroke patients. Joanne has experienced first-hand the incredible power of Reflexology.

Our CPD courses start at the beginning of October with our Facial Reflexology on Saturday the 4th October and Hot and Cold Stone Massage on Sunday the 5th October. There are a limited number of places available on both of these courses so Get in Touch now if you want to secure your place.

In this edition:

  • Student Story – Don’t underestimate the power of Reflexology.
  • No Needles Required!
  • Did you know?

As always we are here to help you succeed in your career in Complementary Medicine and we always value your feedback in how we can serve you better.

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Don’t underestimate the power of Reflexology says a past student

Recently, we  had the opportunity of catching up with Joanne Glass, a past students of Richdales, to find out what she has been up to since completing her Reflexology course at Richdales. We’re sure you’ll find Joanne’s insights as inspirational as we found them. Her insights remind us of why so many of us chose […]

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We’re always excited at Richdales at the start of a new Term for our massage course in London

We’re always excited for the start of a new term for our massage courses in London. At Richdales we offer a variety of courses that suits a range of needs, demand and ability.  Whether you are interested in learning new skills, want to start a new hobby or are seeking a career in complementary therapy […]

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Richdales Students can benefit from excellent offer – All students can attend leading Camexpo event for just £5

We all like good deals and we at Richdales want to help our students learn about massage and complementary therapy as much as possible. Outside of our massage courses in London we also try and provide other opportunities. That is why we are very excited to announce this special deal all our students can enjoy. […]

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Our students go on to do all kinds of things after their massage course in London

Our students are a great source of pride for us at Richdales Institute. Not only do they achieve great results in their examinations but after taking one of our massage course in London they often go on to do all kinds of things. Some will take the course to learn a new skill and will […]

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Clear goals at Richdales for our ITEC Diploma in Holistic Massage Course in London

At Richdales we believe clear goals are important. Without them you find it difficult to know what you want to achieve, you will find it hard to know what the end aim is, and you won’t be able to get there. How can you achieve success and achieve your aims when you don’t know what […]

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Richdales have a competition winner!

We all like winning things; whatever you are winning you are bound to feel happy about it. It makes you feel good and it can make others feel good too. At Richdales we like winning and we would like to announce the winner of our recent Facebook competition. For those of you who don’t remember […]

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Could massage therapy improve your golf game?

Massage therapy can do a lot of things for you, it can Improve physical performance, can aid your recovery from injuries, and it can help you relax and reach a good well being. Massage therapy can do many things for you and your body but can it improve your golf game? In short yes it […]

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