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Fast Track, Intensive, Part-Time or Full-time? What massage course in London is right for you?

If you are considering a career in complimentary therapy you will know about the training that is required. People working in the industry are highly qualified and skilled, you will need to take a course to reach that standard. If you are looking at taking a massage course in London you have a few decisions […]

massage course london

There are so many career opportunities for you to follow after completing our ITEC Diploma in Massage course in London

If you are looking for a change of direction, a new career or to pursue your passion a career in massage therapy is right for you. Imagine having a job where you get to work with like-minded people, where you can choose your own schedule and where you are constantly learning. A career in massage […]

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Looking for a massage course in London – why not Try Us Out

Have you ever thought about complimentary therapy? We all like the idea of a massage to improve our well being and many of us end up booking one. Some of us go further and decide we want to learn about massage ourselves; some of us want to take a course. Is this you? If it […]

Aromatherapy makes massage even more effective shows new research

After completing your ITEC Diploma in Massage you may want to consider undertaking the ITEC Diploma in Aromatherapy to help your patients even more, increase the number of patients you can help and develop your business. New research shows Aromatherapy makes Massage even more effective The benefits of massage are well documented.   However, new research […]

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There’s More to Aromatherapy than first meets the eye suggests the leading provider of ITEC Aromatherapy courses in London

There’s so much more to Aromatherapy than first meets the eye. Aromatherapy is not just about utilising essential oils with massage and as a student on Richdales’s ITEC Aromatherapy Diploma Course you learn other methods of utilising essential oils such as inhalation, compresses, creams, soaps etc … There is an increasing body of research evidence […]

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The World Is Your Oyster With Complementary Therapies

Kate Mulliss, a Richdales tutor and successful practitioner, took her first steps into the field of complementary therapy when she undertook a massage course to take her mind off the very demanding work she was doing as an environmental scientist. That was over 20 years ago. Since then Kate herself recognises how her life has […]

massage training london

Stress buster – putting your massage training in London to good use

Massage therapy can be a powerful aid in relieving stress and the beneficial effects of even just one massage can sometimes last for weeks after the massage. As a massage therapist you put your massage training in London to good use, helping the increasing number of people who are suffering stress benefit from the positive […]

It’s Aromatherapy Awareness Week – June News from Richdales Institute

To mark Aromatherapy Awareness Week (9 – 15th June), this edition of our Newsletter covers the many different benefits that Aromatherapy offers.

In this edition:

  • Richdales tutor, Kate Mulliss, shares how studying Aromatherapy and Complementary Therapies has transformed her life.
  • we explain why Aromatherapy is not just about utilising essential oils with massage.
  • and finally, we tell you about an Aromatherapy potion that could help you this summer.

As always we are here to help you succeed in your career in Complementary Medicine and we always value your feedback in how we can serve you better.

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