Technology to enhance learning, Osteoarthritis (Knee) sufferers benefit from Self Massage and more

When Richdales was founded back in 1989 as a centre for education and professional training in Complementary Medicine the Internet was in its infancy. Communicating with our students (future, current and past) relied on pen and paper and the Post Office!

Nowadays the Internet gives us a whole array of ways to communicate such as email and Social Media.

The Institute has always embraced technology to enhance learning.This includes providing you with newsletters via email.

Our goal with the newsletters is to provide you with regular updates of the latest research developments in Complementary Medicine. This will help you as a Practitioner to develop your skills. It will enable you to share information with your patients and build your practice. It will also provide you with knowledge that may help you develop new business ideas e.g. in a corporate or healthcare environment.

Continuing the theme from our previous newsletter we look at the opportunities arising from the ageing population and a new developing market for the ‘grey pound’.

In this edition we have the following Featured Items:

  • A way to help more osteoarthritis sufferers
  • A past student offers tips on how to become a successful practitioner
  • The growing problem of painkiller addiction – we can all do our bit to help.

We would value your contributions to future newsletters. Please get in touch if you have a story you would like to share.

We are also now using Facebook and Twitter to communicate better with everybody. You can connect with us here: Facebook and Twitter

I hope you continue to enjoy and benefit from our newsletters and look forward to getting your feedback so that we can constantly improve your experience.

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