Top Marks For This Assistant Head Teacher

With so many student success stories at Richdales, it’s hard to choose which ones to share in our newsletters. But every month there’s that one journey that shines through and strikes an extra chord; and this time it’s that of assistant head teacher, Joe Napoleon. Joe is an incredible example of how anyone can excel […]

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Want easy access for massage training in London? We’re only a few minutes away from the Tube

There is no shame in it; everyone loves a bit of convenience. It is why we order takeaways more than we should; it’s why we drive to the local shops instead of walk. A bit of convenience is nice and as a leading massage trainer in London, we think we offer you convenience. Easy access […]

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Will a Richdales massage course in London allow me to practice professionally in the UK? A common question asked

As a leading massage course provider in London we often get a lot of queries. They can vary from time to time but one of the most repeated questions we get is; “Will a Richdales massage course in London allow me to practice professionally in the UK?” It is a completely valid question and one […]

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Massage training in London taught by tutors with the expertise training and experience to help you succeed

One of the most important factors when choosing where to do your massage training in London is the quality of the education. The provider may have the best facilities around and an amazing course structure but unless the teachers are up to a top level you education is at risk. At Richdales we understand the […]

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Massage training in London with massage course running throughout the year

At Richdales Institute we want to provide the best possible service for our students. That is why we collate feedback from our students to find out what makes the best massage training course in London. Some of the most important things a student wants are reliability in the course and a flexibility and opportunity to […]

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Massage training in London providing you with support even after you qualify

As we all know people have many different reasons for undertaking massage training in London. A lot of our students come here just to learn something new to share with their friends and family. A lot of our students come to us with a focused objective of forging a career in massage therapy. Whatever the […]

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Massage training in London providing the best massage course structures, content and qualifications

When choosing the best massage training in London you will no doubt come across a large variety of choices available to you. This can be quite overwhelming and you could end up making the wrong decision and regretting this at a later date. At Richdales we value our student’s time and understand that whatever reason […]

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Massage training in London that surpasses the ITEC national average

There are many deciding factors to consider when choosing the massage training in London you want. You must decide cost of course but more importantly flexibility, course structure, curriculum and contents and results are significant factors. It is important you make the right decision to get the best education. We at Richdales understand that and […]

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Massage training in London that supports your career choices

Have you ever wanted to learn the art and science that is massage? A lot of people do and here at Richdales we get a variety of people at different stages of life coming through the doors. Some people learn massage skills as a hobby or a release from work while others want to forge […]

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